Upgrade from v1.x.x

Main asset

The v2 asset will not properly install over the v1 package, please carefully follow the instructions to keep your settings and waypoints.

Back up your project before doing anything else.

If something goes wrong you might need to redo your entire road network so we strongly suggest backup before doing anything else.

Download the following tool that will prepare your v1 package for upgrade:

Import the UpgradeTool package into your project

Run the tool

The tool will copy the files that need to be kept automatically. The following image shows the files that were copied from v1 folders to be kept.

If you see the following error, just click Cancel. It means that you are not using some files inside your project.

Delete the old plugin's folders.

After all the above steps are made you are ready to import the new plugin.

Go to Player Settings and remove GLEY_TRAFFIC_SYSTEM and any other defines that are Gley related.

Open the Settings Window

Notice, now it opens from the Tools menu.

Go to Settings Window -> Scene Setup -> Vehicle Types and press Save

If you get errors like this:

The type or namespace name 'VehicleLightsComponent' could not be found (or other type)

Add using Gley.TrafficSystem; at the beginning of your file.

Press Apply Settings and all should work as before but using v2.

Methods are now called using:


Easy Roads

Follow all the above instructions.

Open Settings Window -> External Tools -> Easy Roads and press Enable Easy Roads Support

If the above step is missing, Apply Settings will fail with an error.


Follow all the above instructions

Open Settings Window -> External Tools -> Cidy 2 and press Enable Cidy Support

If the above step is missing, Apply Settings will fail with an error.

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