Getting a lot of errors inside the console

To fix them install the supported Burst version from Package Manager, or from the Settings Window:

The type or namespace name 'VehicleTypes' could not be found

This happens when you delete the Traffic System plugin and import it again.

Fix: Go to Build Settings -> Player Settings -> Other Settings, locate Scripting Define Symbols, and delete GLEY_TRAFFIC_SYSTEM

Traffic cars spawning on each other

Traffic cars spawning onto the road, wheels are in the ground and they do not move

Traffic cars drive backward and spin

Not able to draw roads inside the editor

For all of the above, the solution is in this video:

Does the Mobile Traffic System work on PC?

Yes, it works on all platforms that support the Burst compiler. It is called mobile because is highly optimized to work perfectly on mobile.

The name 'FindObjectsByType' does not exist in the current context

Fix 1:

Upgrade Your Unity Editor to a LTS version of Unity greater than 2021.3.29

Fix 2 when it is not possible to upgrade to a LTS version:

Replace the new FindObjectsByType

With the old FindObjectsOfType which is marked as obsolete in the latest versions of Unity.


The traffic vehicle seems to shake/tremor when the player's car gets closer.

From the traffic vehicle's Rigidbody select Extrapolate. This is because your camera follow script is not moving synchronized with the physics engine.

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