Quick Start

Some prerequisites must be met before running the test scene.

Open Settings Window

The entire package configuration is managed through the Settings Window.

To open the Settings Window go to Tools->Gley->Traffic System

The following window will open:

Import Required Packages

The system relies on the Burst Compiler for enhanced performance.

Click Import Required Packages and Install All

In the console, an Installation Started message will appear. Please wait until the package is imported.

This will install the latest version of Burst available within the Package Manager.

If you are not using an LTS version of Unity, the latest version of Burst might cause issues. In such cases, it is recommended to navigate to the Package Manager and install the version of Burst that is recommended for your Unity version.

Test the City demo scene

Open the City demo scene located at Assets/Gley/TrafficSystem/Example/City.unity

To activate the traffic vehicles within the scene, open the Settings Window as explained earlier and click the Apply Settings button.

Once the scripts have been compiled, you can test the movement of the traffic cars in the scene.

Additionally, the scene features a user-controlled car, allowing you to navigate around the environment.

Video tutorial

This video tutorial explains how to prepare the included scene for testing. This video was made for the old version of the plugin but all the settings except Settings Window open button are the same. It will be updated as soon as possible.

This concludes the Quick Start Guide. Continue to the Setup Guide to learn how to set the traffic vehicles inside your custom scene and how to add your vehicles inside the Traffic System.

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