Debug Window

The debug window helps you visualize different aspects of the Mobile Traffic System and might help you discover different setup mistakes.

Open the Debug Window from the Settings Window

Debug Vehicle Actions

With debug actions enabled, every vehicle will have on top of it the action it is currently performing.

If a vehicle suddenly stops, using debug vehicle actions you are able to see why.

Debug Vehicle Speed

Debugging vehicle speed allows you to see the all speeds that a vehicle considers when deciding how to drive on the road. The maxim road speed, the maximum vehicle speed, the speed of the front vehicle, and the current speed of the vehicle.

Debug Intersections

If the debug intersections is active, the stop waypoints will be red, this allows you to see how the intersection operates and if the traffic lights assigned work properly.

Debug Waypoints

If debug waypoints is active, for each car the target waypoint can be seen.

Disabled Waypoints

When the API is used to disable the waypoints, they look like this if Disabled Waypoints is active. On disabled waypoints, vehicles do not have access.

Draw Body Force

All forces that act on the car are drowned if this option is enabled. Useful if your vehicle behaves strangely. It is recommended to disable the graphics of the vehicle for a better view.

Debug Density

Lines are drawn from the player car (or camera) to random positions on the road when a vehicle is required to be instantiated. If the line is red, it means that the destination is in line of sight, and a vehicle cannot be instantiated there because it will be visible.

If the line is green, it means that the vehicle is outside the line of sight or covered by a building, and it can be instantiated there if there is no other vehicle or collider inside the white rectangle.

Debug Path Finding

If debug pathfinding is active, all paths from the scene will be visible, and on each path the index of the vehicle that follows that path will appear.

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