Connect Roads

If you have multiple roads in your scene, the easiest way to connect them is by using the Connect Roads window.

Access this window by navigating to Road Setup -> Connect Roads from the Settings Window.

The window will display a list of all existing connections within the Scene View. If you zoom in on your scene, fewer connections will be visible in the view, resulting in a smaller number of elements displayed in the list.

Using the Change Color toggle you can edit the scene display colors of different Mobile Traffic System elements.

The View Waypoints and View Lane Changes toggles will display the waypoints on each lane and the connections for lane changes, respectively.

In the connection list, you can enable or disable a connection, view its waypoints, center the scene camera on it, and delete the connection.

When you open this window, you'll notice red squares in your scene. These represent unconnected waypoints at the ends of each road. You'll need to connect all of them to another road to allow cars to continue.

To connect a road, click on any red square.

The selected red square will turn green, and other red squares will appear in your scene, indicating available connection points. Click on any of these red squares to create a connection.

If a connection is successfully created, a line will connect those two points. You can adjust the shape of the connection using the handles, which are represented by white dots in the middle.

Adjust the handles as needed.

When the curve is finalized, you need to generate the waypoints along that curve.

First, set the Waypoint Distance. For tight curves, smaller waypoint distances work best.

Then, press Generate Selected Connections to generate the waypoints on the connection. If multiple connections are active, waypoints will be generated on all of them. It's a good practice to draw all the connections first and then generate the waypoints for all of them.

If you press the Waypoints button on a connection, the generated waypoints will be displayed.

When you draw all the connections on an intersection, it tends to get messy and hard to understand.

The solution is to unselect the connections you are not actively working on or that are not relevant to see right now. This way, you'll have a clearer environment to work in.

If you press Generate Selected Connections in the example from the below image, only the 3 active connections will be generated.

Check the following video for more information.

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