If Cidy 2 was used to create the road network, waypoints for the Mobile Traffic System could be generated automatically.


Cidy 2 can be obtained from the Asset Store


Please follow the Quick Start section first if you have not done it already to make sure the Mobile Traffic System is properly installed and working in your project.

Next, set your Grid and Layers as shown in the Prepare Scenesection.

Enable Cidy 2 support:

Open the Settings Window, go to External Tools -> Cidy Setup, and click Enable Cidy Support

Extract Waypoints

Open the Settings Window, go to External Tools -> Cidy Setup

Select the intersection type wanted Priority Intersection or Traffic Lights Intersection

Set the Max Speed - the speed limit of the roads.

Check Link lanes for overtake to enable vehicle overtaking in the scene.

Waypoint distance is the distance between two consecutive waypoints. If your city is full of curves, a lower distance works best. If it is mostly highway, a higher distance performs better. Try and see what the optimal value is for your road network.

Control the traffic light duration by setting the Green Light Time and the Yellow Light Time. Each intersection will work according to the times set here.

After all is set do not forget to Apply Settings from the Settings Window.

For more details check this video:

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