Speed Routes Setup

Inside the Mobile Traffic System, you can set different maximum speeds depending on the section of the road the traffic vehicle is in. This is a very powerful tool to make traffic vehicles respect the speed signs on the side of your roads or to increase car speeds on highways and lower them in cities.

Setup Speed Routes

To create a speed route, you'll have to edit the waypoint at the beginning of the route, to enforce a restriction, and the waypoint at the end of a route to end the restriction.

For example, to increase the speed on the second lane to 100 km/h the following steps are required:

Select the waypoint mark with the red X set the speed to 100 km/h and press the Set Speed button

When the Set Speed button is pressed, the speed settings from the current waypoint will be transmitted to the entire waypoint system until a waypoint that was manually set is encountered and then will stop propagating.

Then select the waypoint marked with the green X set the Max speed back to 50 and press the Set Speed button. This will end the 100 hm/h speed section.

Speed Visualization

To better visualize your speed routes, open the Settings Window and select Speed Routes Setup. This will open the Speed Routes Window.

For the example above, using the Speed Routes Window, you can see that the second lane has a speed limit of 100 km/h while the rest of the scene has 50 km/h.

You can toggle the routes on/off for each speed and select independent colors for each route for better visualization. All routes with different speeds will appear in this window.

For a better understanding, watch the following video:

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