Change drive side

At times, a scene may require either right-side traffic or left-side traffic. Typically, you set up the entire scene for a specific traffic direction. However, if the same scene needs the opposite traffic direction, there's no need to redraw everything.

Using the Switch Driving Direction button from the Settings Window all the waypoint connections inside your scene will be reversed.

IMPORTANT: After using this option, refrain from adding additional waypoints. To make alterations, switch back to the original direction, make changes, and then switch the direction again. When the direction is switched, only the connections reverse; all other settings remain in the original direction. As a result, the system may not fully acknowledge the direction change. This is why this feature is marked as Beta.

After switching the waypoint direction, it becomes necessary to reassign all the intersections within your scene. This is because the previous entry points are now exit points, as depicted below. Unfortunately, this reassignment cannot be done automatically.

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