Mobile Tools

Key Features

Mobile Tools
Contains a complete game with all features already integrated (Ads, Achievements, Leaderboards, In App Purchase, Rate Game Popup, Localization, Daily Rewards, Cross Promo & Notifications).
Includes the following independent assets:
  • All Platforms Save - Save and load game data using same line of code on all supported Unity platforms.
  • Daily Rewards - Increase the retention of your game by using Timer buttons and Calendar popup rewards.
  • Easy Achievements - Submit achievements and scores with minimal setup for Google Play and App Store.
  • Easy IAP - Make in app purchases with minimal setup and very little programming knowledge.
  • Localization - Make your app international by translating it into multiple languages fast and easy with the Auto Translation feature.
  • Mobile Ads - Show ads using the same line of code for both Android and iOS and for any advertiser(AdColony, AdMob, AppLovin, Level Play(ironSource) UnityAds, Vungle).
  • Mobile Cross Promo - In house ads: promote your own games dynamically by using a configuration file stored on a server of your choice.
  • Mobile Notifications - Schedule local notifications with a single line of code.
  • Rate Game - Show a rate popup(or native popup) using a single line of code.
The above assets have Playmaker and Unity Visual Scripting support.
All of the above assets work outside this project just import only the folders you need in your project.
This game is the best tutorial on how to integrate any of our assets in a production game.
The code is clear and every method is fully commented.
The core engine is independent and can be used to make any games you like.
This package includes all assets used (Textures, Sounds, Models, Animations, Scripts) and it is ready to build.

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